Get to know the professional trajectory
of Fernando De Nadai

Fernando De Nadai, an executive in the food market and internationally recognized for his work and dynamism, began his career at Grupo De Nadai Food Services in 1998 after managing for two years his own business in the parking sector.

Today, after years of dedication and serious work, he holds the position of Executive Director at De Nadai Solutions and Services in Food.

He is also the Executive Director of D. King, the management company of several franchises in the Burger King chain in the interior of the state of São Paulo.

  • 2003

    Company: De Nadai Food
    Position: Managing Director
    Duration: Feb. 2003 - the time
    Location: São Paulo Area, Brazil

  • 1998

    Company: De Nadai Food
    Position: Integration
    Duration: Feb 1998 - Feb 2003
    Location: São Paulo Area, Brazil
    Description: In order to take over the company, I underwent an intense process of integration in the company, where I deepened in the activities of the business areas acquiring the necessary expertise.

  • 1996

    Company: Parking spaces Position: Business Manager
    Duration: Feb 1996 - Feb 1998 Location: São Paulo Area, Brazil